Why You Should Train Your Dog

The best way to keep your dog obedient and well behaved is to have it trained by a professional trainer. A trainer can give your dog the basic commands and also teach you how to communicate with the dog once it has received training.

Keep Your Dog Well Behaved

That is why dog training in Sydney is an important consideration for dog owners. If you want to take your dog out in public and exert influence and control, you need to schedule the activity. For example, maybe you have trouble with your dog barking in public. This can indeed become a nuisance if you don’t know how to calm your dog and distract it from the behaviour.

When a dog is trained to “lie down,” for instance, it will not bark. A dog finds it hard to vocalise when it is completely lying down. By just issuing basic commands, you can enjoy a better rapport with your pet. When you pet is trained by a professional dog trainer, it will learn commands such as “sit,” “lay down,” “heel,” “come,” and “stay.”

When you teach your dog to heel, it will not walk ahead of you or behind you. Instead, it will stay next to your side. You want to have this type of influence. Otherwise, the dog will think that it can wander here and there randomly even whilst on a leash.

Teaching a Basic Command

One of the easiest commands that a dog will learn is the word “sit.” Usually, this is the command that the trainer uses first. When training is given, no harsh punishments are issued. Instead, trainers encourage their students by giving them treats or pats.

When a dog does what it has been told, it is given a treat or shown affection. One of the great commands for a dog to know is the command “come.” This command will keep you dog from getting into trouble whether you are out for a Sunday afternoon walk in the park or absentmindedly leave the front door to your home open.

This command is normally taught to the owner to employ with a leash and collar. You should place the collar and leash on your dog and bend down at its level. Say the word “come” whilst gently tugging the leash. When your dog reaches you, give it a treat or a pat. Once your dog has mastered this command, you no longer will need the leash. This command should be taught in enclosed and secure area.

Whilst it is good to know how to issue these commands, you may not have a great deal of time for training. If so, take your dog to a professional trainer and have the trainer show you how to continue the training at home. Learn more about basic training for your dog now. Go online and find out how to schedule a session near your home.